Parties and seminars
Welcome your guests like home!

Four large barocco living rooms welcome seminar up to 20 persons and parties up to 150 persons:

The "music room" (70m²),

with its marble chimney, french ceiling and stucco decoration.

The "trophies room" (38m²),

with its large mirrors decorated with the military attributes of the Chevalier de Digoine.

The colourful "shepard lounge"(33m²),

kept its fresco painting from the Marie Antoinette time.

The dining room (28 m²),

exhibits its nice wood carved panels.

We proposed dinners or light meals either on individual or gala table.

The courtyard is also open to guests who will appreciate its ancient roses and its Mediterranean plants.

Here you will appreciate a good cigar or a glass of local wine and can listen at classical or jazz music in a romantic atmostphere.

Hôtel de Digoine Salon de Musique Hôtel de Digoine Salon desTrophées Hôtel de Digoine Cour d'honneur

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